What is the difference between Psychiatrists and Psychologists? Find out now

Psychiatrist Psychologist
Medical doctor Not a medical doctor
Minimum training 13 years Minimum training 4 years
Understands psychology, mind, brain, body and interaction between them Understands psychology only
Understands when and what medication may be required and at what dose Has no knowledge about medication
Can prescribe and monitor Cannot prescribe
Unlimited sessions rebated by Medicare 10 sessions per year rebated by Medicare

Melbourne Psychiatrists Clinic

MediBrain is a Melbourne clinic staffed by psychiatrists and psychologists. We provide you with the highest level of expertise by the best trained and qualified medical practitioners who are up to date with the latest scientific advances and treatments.

Depression? Anxiety? MediBrain Has The Answer!

Melbourne MediBrain Centre is a fully accredited specialist neuro psychiatric clinic in Melbourne providing excellence in psychiatric treatment and research in collaboration with International Institute of Psychopharmacology and Sleep Clinic Melbourne.

Melbourne MediBrain Centre provides a complete range of psychiatric services including day hospital treatment programmes in a private fully confidential setting specially designed to cater for patients' psychological needs.

MediBrain offers treatment for depression, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, and other psychological therapies designed to get your brain balanced and functioning normally. We also host MediSleep, a state of the art sleep disorder clinic that treats sleep apnea, circadian rhythm disorders, narcolepsy, and other sleeping problems.

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